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LilyPad Simblee BLE Board - RFD77101

The LilyPad Simblee BLE Board is a wearable development board that allows you to add mobile applicat..

R490.50 Exc VAT: R426.52

RFduino - Simblee DIP

The Simblee 7-pin DIP board is a finger-tip sized, Arduino compatible, wireless enabled microcontrol..

R753.00 Exc VAT: R654.78

RFduino - Simblee Starter Kit

This is the Simblee Starter Kit, a great trio of products in one box to help you get you started wit..

R1,383.00 Exc VAT: R1,202.61

SparkFun Simblee BLE Breakout - RFD77101

The SparkFun Simblee BLE Breakout board is a programmable board that allows you to add mobile app fu..

R377.00 Exc VAT: R327.83

RFduino - RGB/Button Shield

This is the RGB/Button Shield for RFduino, a small add-on board for the RFduino DIP module. Just as ..

R302.00 Exc VAT: R262.61

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