915MHz LoRa Antenna RP-SMA - 1/2 Wave 2dBi

Increase your range with this ½ wave duck antenna. Designed for 860 to 960MHz it is ideal for distan..

R178.00 Exc VAT: R154.78

915MHz LoRa Antenna RP-SMA - 1/4 Wave 2dBi

A small ¼ wave rubber duck antenna for LoRa or other 860-960MHz communication. Antenna has a center ..

R126.00 Exc VAT: R109.57

915MHz LoRa Fiberglass Antenna Type N - 6dBi

If you need maximum distance for your LoRa project you need this incredibly durable, outdoor antenna..

R1,037.00 Exc VAT: R901.74

ESP32 LoRa 1-Channel Gateway

The ESP32 LoRa 1-CH Gateway combines an ESP32 – a programmable microcontroller featuring both WiFi a..

R887.50 Exc VAT: R771.74

Interface Cable N to RP-SMA Cable - 1m

This connector cable interfaces N type female to RP-SMA male. Primarily used to connect our larger 9..

R178.00 Exc VAT: R154.78

LoRa Raspberry Pi Gateway with Enclosure

LoRa is a fantastic advancement in the field of wireless communication. The multi-kilometer distance..

R7,406.50 Exc VAT: R6,440.43

Pycom Expansion Board 3.0

Your Pycom module will need some way to be programmed and that’s exactly where this board comes in! ..

R650.50 Exc VAT: R565.65

Pycom LoPy4 Development Board

The LoPy4 is a compact quadruple network MicroPython enabled development board (LoRa, Sigfox, WiFi, ..

R1,421.00 Exc VAT: R1,235.65

Pycom LoRa and Sigfox Antenna Kit - 915MHz

If you intend on using the LoRa or Sigfox connectivity on the LoPy4 you are going to need to connect..

R354.00 Exc VAT: R307.83

SparkX Pro RF - LoRa®-enabled 915MHz

The Pro RF is the mind meld of a Pro Micro and a long-range RFM95W LoRa®-enabled radio. What you get..

R739.50 Exc VAT: R643.04

SparkX Qwiic RF - LoRa®-enabled 915MHz

Qwiic RF is a packet radio system that’s designed for sending short packets of sensor data from one ..

R591.00 Exc VAT: R513.91

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