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RFM69HCW Wireless Transceiver - 434MHz

This is the 434MHz base RFM69HCW Wireless Transceiver that is found on our RFM69 Breakout. The RFM69..

R66.75 R89.00 Exc VAT: R58.04


RF Link Receiver - 4800bps (434MHz)

These wireless receivers work with our 434MHz transmitters. They can easily fit into a breadboard an..

R66.75 R89.00 Exc VAT: R58.04


U.FL SMD Connector

Itty-bitty U.FL SMD connector. Great for tight PCB layouts that require antenna connections. Docume..

R22.13 R29.50 Exc VAT: R19.24


Bluetooth SMD Module - RN-42 (v6.15)

This is the RN-42 module from Roving Networks, a powerful, small, and very easy to use. This Bluetoo..

R333.37 R444.50 Exc VAT: R289.89


Quad-band Cellular Duck Antenna SMA

This is a fantastic find for SFE. A small, high-quality, quad-band, standard SMA terminated, cellula..

R66.75 R89.00 Exc VAT: R58.04


SparkFun ESP8266 Thing

The SparkFun ESP8266 Thing is a breakout and development board for the ESP8266 WiFi SoC – a leading ..

R211.12 R281.50 Exc VAT: R183.59


2.4GHz Duck Antenna RP-SMA - Large

Need range? 2.4GHz Large Duck Antenna 5dBi with Reverse Polarized - SMA RF connector. Perfect for pr..

R111.00 R148.00 Exc VAT: R96.52


Interface Cable SMA to U.FL

This is a 4" connector cable that interfaces U.FL RF connectors to regular SMA connectors. Document..

R55.50 R74.00 Exc VAT: R48.26


SMA Male to RPSMA Male Adapter

This is an inner thread (outer nut) adapter that will connect to any of our wireless boards or inter..

R33.38 R44.50 Exc VAT: R29.02


SparkFun ESP32 Thing

The SparkFun ESP32 Thing is a comprehensive development platform for Espressif’s ESP32, their super-..

R322.13 R429.50 Exc VAT: R280.11


SparkFun ESP8266 Thing - Dev Board

This is the SparkFun ESP8266 Thing Dev Board – a development board that has been solely designed aro..

R211.12 R281.50 Exc VAT: R183.59


SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Photon

The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Photon is a great way to get started in the fresh IoT world and WiFi..

R1,555.87 R2,074.50 Exc VAT: R1,352.93


The 1Sheeld+ is an easily configured shield for Arduino. It has a built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE..

R887.50 Exc VAT: R771.74

2.4GHz Duck Antenna RP-SMA

2.4GHz Duck Antenna 2.2dBi with Reverse Polarized - SMA RF connector. Perfect for prototyping with o..

R126.00 Exc VAT: R109.57

900/1800MHz Dual Frequency Duck Antenna RP-SMA

900/1800 MHz Duck Antenna 2dBi with regular RP-SMA RF connector. Perfect for use with the XBee 900MH..

R148.00 Exc VAT: R128.70

915MHz LoRa Antenna RP-SMA - 1/2 Wave 2dBi

Increase your range with this ½ wave duck antenna. Designed for 860 to 960MHz it is ideal for distan..

R178.00 Exc VAT: R154.78

915MHz LoRa Antenna RP-SMA - 1/4 Wave 2dBi

A small ¼ wave rubber duck antenna for LoRa or other 860-960MHz communication. Antenna has a center ..

R126.00 Exc VAT: R109.57

915MHz LoRa Fiberglass Antenna Type N - 6dBi

If you need maximum distance for your LoRa project you need this incredibly durable, outdoor antenna..

R1,037.00 Exc VAT: R901.74

Antenna GPS Embedded SMA

Embedded antenna for small, mobile applications. Basic unpackaged antenna with LNA. 5inch cable term..

R252.00 Exc VAT: R219.13

Arduino MKR1000

The Arduino MKR1000 is a powerful board that combines the functionality of an Arduino Zero and a han..

R918.50 Exc VAT: R798.70

Arduino MKR1000 (with Headers)

The Arduino MKR1000 is a powerful board that combines the functionality of an Arduino Zero and a han..

R948.00 Exc VAT: R824.35

bladeRF x40

The bladeRF x40 is an affordable USB 3.0 Software-Defined Radio (SDR) designed to allow students and..

R12,445.50 Exc VAT: R10,822.17

Bluetooth Mate 4.0 - HM-13

The Bluetooth Mate 4.0 is the next evolution in our line of serial Bluetooth modules. This board is ..

R591.00 Exc VAT: R513.91

Bluetooth SMD Module - BC127

This is the BC127, a highly flexible, low power, small form factor Bluetooth Version 4.0 Certified A..

R652.00 Exc VAT: R566.96

Bluetooth SMD Module - RN-41 (v6.15)

This module from Roving Networks is powerful, small, and very easy to use. This Bluetooth module is ..

R637.00 Exc VAT: R553.91

Bluetooth USB Module Mini

This is a handy little Bluetooth USB mini-adapter. This adapter supports Bluetooth v2.0 class 1 and ..

R178.00 Exc VAT: R154.78

ESP32 LoRa 1-Channel Gateway

The ESP32 LoRa 1-CH Gateway combines an ESP32 – a programmable microcontroller featuring both WiFi a..

R887.50 Exc VAT: R771.74

GPS Expansion Board for Onion Omega

The GPS Expansion Board for the Onion Omega is a USB-based expansion that allows your Omega to pinpo..

R770.50 Exc VAT: R670.00

GPS Module - Copernicus II (12 Channel)

Copernicus II is the latest iteration of the popular Copernicus GPS module from Trimble. The Trimble..

R1,126.00 Exc VAT: R979.13

GPS Mouse - GP-808G (72 Channel)

The GPS Mouse is a self contained module perfect for UAV and autonomous vehicle enthusiasts. The The..

R741.00 Exc VAT: R644.35

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