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SparkFun Capacitor Kit

This is a kit that provides you with a basic assortment of capacitors to start or continue your elec..

R88.20 R126.00 Exc VAT: R76.70

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SparkFun MOSFET Power Control Kit

This is the SparkFun MOSFET Power Control Kit, a breakout PTH soldering kit for for the RFP30N06LE N..

R51.80 R74.00 Exc VAT: R45.04


Snap Circuits - 300 Experiments

The Snap Circuits kit makes learning electronics easy and fun while providing plenty of ideas for th..

R1,265.00 R1,630.00 Exc VAT: R1,100.00

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SparkFun Beginner Parts Kit

The SparkFun Beginner Parts Kit is a small container of parts frequently used by beginning (or even ..

R207.55 R296.50 Exc VAT: R180.48


SparkFun Digital Sandbox

The Digital Sandbox (DS) is a learning platform that engages both the software and hardware worlds. ..

R575.00 R889.00 Exc VAT: R500.00

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SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Photon

The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Photon is a great way to get started in the fresh IoT world and WiFi..

R1,452.15 R2,074.50 Exc VAT: R1,262.74

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SparkFun micro:arcade kit

We love games! We love writing games, building games and, yes, even building game consoles. That’s w..

R725.90 R1,037.00 Exc VAT: R631.22

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SparkFun Paper Circuits Kit

Welcome to the world of paper circuits - creating electronic projects directly on paper using simple..

R207.55 R296.50 Exc VAT: R180.48

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SparkFun Variable Load Kit

The SparkFun Variable Load Kit is a quick-to-assemble board designed to allow users to draw a specif..

R518.70 R741.00 Exc VAT: R451.04


SparkFun Inventor's Kit - v4.0

The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) is a great way to get started with programming and hardware intera..

R1,266.65 R1,809.50 Exc VAT: R1,101.43


Odev Dynamo Lantern Kit

The Odev Dynamo Lantern Kit lets kids turn a simple toy motor into a mini generator that converts ha..

R253.00 R296.50 Exc VAT: R220.00

130-in-1 Electronic Playground

This is your classic electronics kit! The 130-in-1 Electronic Playground provides a great starting p..

R1,185.50 Exc VAT: R1,030.87

:MOVE Mini Buggy Kit

The :MOVE Mini Buggy Kit from Kitronik provides a fun introduction to robotics using the micro:bit. ..

R918.50 Exc VAT: R798.70

Arduino Engineering Kit

Engineering just got cool with the Arduino Engineering Kit! Bring the power of the Arduino MKR1000 t..

R8,860.00 Exc VAT: R7,704.35

Bare Conductive Touch Board Pro Kit

No longer do you need to worry about what supplies to purchase to prepare for your next electric pai..

R4,741.00 Exc VAT: R4,122.61

BITalino (r)evolution Board Kit

This is the BITalino ( r )evolution Board Kit, a (comparatively) low-cost biomedical data acquisitio..

R5,630.00 Exc VAT: R4,895.65

Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

This is the Circuit Scribe Maker Kit, a massive conductive ink pack with a full range of modules and..

R2,369.00 Exc VAT: R2,060.00

Day of the Geek - Soldering Badge Kit (Black)

The Day of the Dead only comes around once a year but what if you could celebrate it any day you wan..

R178.00 Exc VAT: R154.78

Day of the Geek - Soldering Badge Kit (White)

The Day of the Dead only comes around once a year but what if you could celebrate it any day you wan..

R178.00 Exc VAT: R154.78

Digital Oscilloscope DIY Kit

This kit includes everything you need to build your very own, fully functional, digital oscilloscope..

R1,230.00 Exc VAT: R1,069.57

EggBot Deluxe Kit

The EggBot is back and it’s been improved! The classic open-source art robot that captured our heart..

R6,517.50 Exc VAT: R5,667.39

Electrical Conductivity Kit

Atlas Scientific is on a mission to make high-quality sensors for environmental monitoring available..

R5,925.00 Exc VAT: R5,152.17


The EZO-PMP Kit from Atlas Scientific is a small peristaltic dosing pump and serial controller with ..

R3,704.00 Exc VAT: R3,220.87

Firefly Jar Kit

Are you looking for a fun and simple e-textiles project? The Firefly Jar Kit is a great project for ..

R400.00 Exc VAT: R347.83

FLIR Radiometric Lepton Dev Kit

Do you see what we see? With the FLIR Radiometric Lepton® Dev Kit you will be able to bring FLIR’s t..

R7,110.50 Exc VAT: R6,183.04

Frequency Generator Kit - FG085

Function generators are useful in a ton of applications from RF to embedded logic. They’re not usual..

R1,126.00 Exc VAT: R979.13

GoPiGo Beginner Classroom Kit

The GoPiGo Beginner Classroom Kit from Dexter Industries is a box of five robotics kits providing ev..

R44,419.00 Exc VAT: R38,625.22

GoPiGo Beginner Starter Kit

The GoPiGo Beginner Starter Kit from Dexter Industries is a complete robotics kit controlled by the ..

R5,897.00 Exc VAT: R5,127.83

heART - Surface Mount Soldering Kit

Be still my beating heart! With the heART Surface Mount Soldering Kit you will be able to learn the ..

R415.00 Exc VAT: R360.87

Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit

The Johnny-Five Inventor’s Kit (J5IK) is your go-to source for developing projects using the Tessel ..

R2,815.00 Exc VAT: R2,447.83

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