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SparkFun Pi Wedge

This is the SparkFun Pi Wedge, a small board that connects to the 40-pin GPIO connector on the Raspb..

R155.40 R222.00 Exc VAT: R135.13

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SparkFun micro:arcade kit

We love games! We love writing games, building games and, yes, even building game consoles. That’s w..

R725.90 R1,037.00 Exc VAT: R631.22

:MOVE Mini Buggy Kit

The :MOVE Mini Buggy Kit from Kitronik provides a fun introduction to robotics using the micro:bit. ..

R918.50 Exc VAT: R798.70

BeagleBone Black Cape - LCD (4.3")

The 4.3” resistive touch LCD from 4D Systems is a cape specifically designed for the BeagleBone Blac..

R1,748.50 Exc VAT: R1,520.43


The DAQCplate (Data Acquisition and Controller) from Pi-Plates adds a rich set of input/output optio..

R978.00 Exc VAT: R850.43

GoPiGo Beginner Classroom Kit

The GoPiGo Beginner Classroom Kit from Dexter Industries is a box of five robotics kits providing ev..

R44,419.00 Exc VAT: R38,625.22

GoPiGo Beginner Starter Kit

The GoPiGo Beginner Starter Kit from Dexter Industries is a complete robotics kit controlled by the ..

R5,897.00 Exc VAT: R5,127.83

JustBoom Amp HAT

The JustBoom Amp HAT is a high-quality audio amplifier designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi. D..

R2,074.50 Exc VAT: R1,803.91

JustBoom DAC HAT

The JustBoom DAC HAT is a plug-and-play, high-resolution, digital-to-analog converter for the Raspbe..

R1,037.00 Exc VAT: R901.74

JustBoom Digi HAT

The JustBoom Digi HAT is a high-resolution digital audio output add-on board for the Raspberry Pi. S..

R1,037.00 Exc VAT: R901.74

MI:pro Protector Case for micro:bit

The MI:pro Protector is a simple and compact protective case for the micro:bit. These cases feature ..

R148.00 Exc VAT: R128.70

micro:bit Battery Holder - 2xAA (JST-PH)

This is a unique two-cell AA battery holder built specifically for the BBC micro:bit. The 6" (~150mm..

R29.50 Exc VAT: R25.65

micro:bit Board

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital technology. Eac..

R443.00 Exc VAT: R385.22


The MOTORplate from Pi-Plates brings a suite of professional motion control features to your Raspber..

R889.00 Exc VAT: R773.04

PaPiRus ePaper / eInk Screen HAT for Pi Zero

PaPiRus Zero is an ePaper / eInk screen HAT designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero and the Raspberry Pi ..

R1,007.50 Exc VAT: R876.09

PaPiRus ePaper / eInk Screen HAT for Raspberry Pi

The PaPiRus is a HAT for the Raspberry Pi that is capable of driving an ePaper display with ease by ..

R1,452.00 Exc VAT: R1,262.61

Pi Zero USB Stem

The Pi Zero USB Stem is a PCB kit that turns a Raspberry Pi Zero into a USB dongle. Once the Stem is..

R133.50 Exc VAT: R116.09

pi-top (Green)

The pi-top is a DIY laptop you build yourself that helps you start learning how to code, create awes..

R7,851.00 Exc VAT: R6,826.96

pi-topCEED (Green)

The pi-topCEED is a DIY desktop computer that helps you start learning how to code, create awesome d..

R3,406.50 Exc VAT: R2,962.17

PiJuice HAT - Raspberry Pi Portable Power Platform

As one of the smallest systems around there are so many amazing things you could do with the Raspber..

R1,778.00 Exc VAT: R1,546.09

Pimoroni Display-O-Tron HAT

The Pimoroni Display-O-Tron HAT is a “shield” for the Raspberry Pi that provides you with a 16x3 cha..

R652.00 Exc VAT: R566.96

Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro

The Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro is a “shield” for the Raspberry Pi and provides you with the perfect p..

R504.00 Exc VAT: R438.26

Pimoroni Unicorn HAT

The Pimoroni Unicorn HAT is a “shield” for the Raspberry Pi that sports a matrix of 64 (8x8) address..

R741.00 Exc VAT: R644.35

Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Everyone knows and loves the Raspberry Pi, but what if the wireless capabilities only got better? Th..

R1,184.00 Exc VAT: R1,029.57

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Starter Kit

There’s a lot of Raspberry Pi information going around lately. Whether it’s Pi 3, Zero, Zero W or on..

R2,665.50 Exc VAT: R2,317.83

Raspberry Pi LCD - 7" Touchscreen

This 7" Raspberry Pi Touchscreen LCD provides you with the ability to create a standalone device tha..

R1,924.50 Exc VAT: R1,673.48


The RELAYplate from Pi-Plates is the first dedicated relay board for the Raspberry Pi designed to me..

R1,126.00 Exc VAT: R979.13

SmartiPi Touch Back Cover (Large)

Here is a large cover to protect all of the HATs that you want to go onto the Raspberry Pi that you ..

R192.50 Exc VAT: R167.39

SparkFun BeagleBone Black Proto Cape

We all know the BeagleBone Black is pretty great, but wouldn’t it be nice to create personal capes b..

R178.00 Exc VAT: R154.78

SparkFun gator:bit

The SparkFun gator:bit is an all-in-one “carrier” board for your micro:bit that provides you with a ..

R444.50 Exc VAT: R386.52

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