iPod Connector Female SMD
This is the female connector found inside the iPod itself. Mates with the v1/v2 iPod connectors listed. Documents: iPod SMD Connector Datasheet iPod Pinout ..
R66.50 (inc VAT)
iPod Connector Male Style 1
Unsoldered iPod Connector, Comes in 7 Pieces. Easy to Assemble. Documents:Style 1 iPod Connector Datasheet ..
R53.50 (inc VAT)
iPod Connector Male Style 2
Description: Unsoldered iPod Connector, Comes in 7 Pieces. Easy to Assemble. Style 2 uses a metalized connector for greater stability and connection retention. Documents: Style 2 iPod Connector Datasheet Manufacturer: PodGizmo ..
R66.50 (inc VAT)
PodBreakout Mini
Description: Don't think you can solder the tight pitch of the iPod connector? This is the breakout board for you. The PodBreakout Mini brings the most commonly used pins of the iPod connector out to through hole pins. The board fits inside the connectors shell housing for a nice clean-looking hack. This board breaks out the most common pins (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 13, 12, 21, 23, 25, 27 and 30) of the iPod connector. If you need access to all 30 pins, check below for the full-sized PodBreakout. Documents: iPod Pinout ..
R266.50 (inc VAT)
PodSocket Breakout
The PodSocket v1.0 pulls all 30 pins from the female dock connector and makes it easy to attach wires. This includes the PodSocket Board and a soldered female connector. This is the connector found inside iPods and iPhones, so you can interface a project with docks and accessories that would normally connect directly to an iProduct. Documents: Pinout ..
R320.00 (inc VAT)
SparkFun Serial to USB Adapter - Nike+iPod
This is a simple USB serial interface to mate with the Nike+iPod product. Use this breakout board to send and receive serial commands to the receiver and listen for individual foot pods. This will allow easy creation of proximity based projects and running/workout research. VCC (3.3V), ground, and iPod TX and RX are brought out to a standard header so that you can connect this board to a microcontroller. Don’t forget to checkout the original tutorial! We provide a simple example VB program that demonstrates how to initialize the receiver to listen for all foot pods in range and display the..
R346.50 (inc VAT)

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