Audio Jack - 3.5mm TRRS (SMD)
This is a 3.5mm TRRS SMD audio jack. TRRS connectors are the audio-style connectors that you see on some phones, MP3 players and development boards. TRRS stands for “tip, ring, ring, sleeve,” which reflects the fact that, unlike a standard stereo connector, this actually has three conductors and a ground. Some devices use the extra conductor for a microphone (like hands-free headsets) or to carry a video signal (like in some MP3/MP4 players). Documents: Dimensional Drawing ..
R13.50 (inc VAT)
Audio Jack - 1/4" Stereo (right angle)
This is the kind of ¼" stereo jack you might find in home stereos and PA systems. Switched contacts allow you to detect whether or not there is something plugged in to the jack. The jack can be panel mounted in an 11mm diameter hole. The jack comes with a plastic washer and nut for panel mounting. Note: Looking for a breakout to hook this audio jack up to your project a little easier? Check out the SparkFun TRS Jack Breakout! Documents: Datasheet (JP-611) ..
R13.50 (inc VAT)
ABS Filament 3mm - 1kg (Black)
This is a 1kg (2.2lb) reel of 3mm black ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic filament for 3D printing. ABS is a great general purpose filament with high strength and good print quality. ABS is one of the most popular 3D printing materials available due to its strength and ease of printing. This filament is an incredibly durable plastic that can be used in prototypes or even the parts found on your TAZ 3D printer! ABS prints can be sanded or smoothed using an advanced technique with acetone. With this technique, you can have ABS parts that are glossy and smooth, while simultaneously s..
R1,145.00 R1,117.20
Alloy 910 Filament 2.85mm - 0.45kg (Natural)
This is a 0.45kg (1lb) reel of 2.85mm “natural-colored” Alloy 910 nylon co-polymer filament for 3D printing. Specially developed to exhibit the ideal characteristics of several different classes of 3D printing filaments, Alloy 910 offers the strength and durability of nylon with the same minimal shrink nature of PLA. Alloy 910 makes for ideal material to be used in frames or enclosures that are subject to stress and high impact, and items exposed to repeated flexing such as buckles and clasps. Alloy 910 is among the strongest materials you can currently 3D print. When printed, it has a tensil..
R958.50 (inc VAT)
Audio Jack - 3.5mm (Panel Mount)
This is a standard 3.5mm stereo jack with no frills. Panel mount in a 6mm diameter hole for a nice clean headphone, microphone or serial data connection...
R6.50 (inc VAT)
Audio Jack 3.5mm
Low profile 3.5mm stereo audio jack. Documents: Audio 3.5mm Jack Datasheet ..
R13.50 (inc VAT)
Audio Plug - 3.5mm
This is a simple 3.5mm TRS stereo audio jack with a screw-on plastic shroud. These are great for projects that plug into headphone jacks. Stereo plugs can also be used for carrying serial comm connections! The outer shell unscrews to reveal solder terminals on the inside of the plug. Solder on your wires and crimp the strain relief to make a finished, professional-looking cable...
R6.50 (inc VAT)
Bridge Filament 3mm - 0.45kg (Clear)
This is a 0.45kg (1lb) reel of 3mm “clear” Bridge nylon co-polymer filament for 3D printing. Taulman’s “Bridge” high-strength nylon co-polymer bridges the strength of nylon 645 and the ease of printing of ABS/PLA. Items printed in Bridge nylon filament are stronger and more resilient than parts printed in more common materials. Since Bridge prints cleanly and easily, you can print complex models that are ready to be used. The combination of strength, reduced shrinkage and ease in printing allows you to go from 3D model to 3D printed part ready to be installed. The material comes on a heavy-du..
R478.50 (inc VAT)
INOVA-1800 Filament 3mm - 1kg (Black)
This is a 1kg (2.2lb) reel of 3mm black INOVA-1800 co-polyester filament for 3D printing made from Eastman Amphora™ 1800 3D polymer. INOVA-1800 prints have a glossy, smooth finish and feature a great balance of strength and 3D printing ease. 3D prints with this filament are dimensionally stable, bridge well and are a great choice for interlocking objects, props and other functional 3D prints. This is the Cadillac of 3D printer filament and should be your go-to option for creating your most important prints! The material comes on a heavy-duty plastic reel and vacuum sealed to keep out any mois..
R2,131.50 (inc VAT)
OBD-II connector
OBDII is an on board diagnostics standard that is used on a large variety of cars. OBD-II provides access to numerous data from the engine control unit (ECU) and offers a valuable source of information when troubleshooting problems inside a vehicle. If you’re not sure if your car works with OBDII you can look under your dash, the connector is generally located below your dash on the driver side. This is great if you want to try to build your own diagnostic reader. This is a bare connector that will adapt to most cars that use OBDII. We are working on a basic breakout for this connector. It s..
R93.50 (inc VAT)
RCA Jack
Simple RCA jack. Can be used on any project requiring RCA Audio, Video, or simple analog transmission. Documents: Datasheet ..
R13.50 (inc VAT)
PLA Filament 3mm - 1kg (Black)
This is a 1kg (2.2lb) reel of 3mm black PLA (polylactic acid) plastic filament for 3D printing. PLA is a bioplastic and makes for a great general purpose filament with smooth surface finish. This filament is very easy to print and is even biodegradable! PLA has minimal warping and shrinking compared with other materials, which means it thrives when making objects featuring flat surfaces and hard angles, or requiring tight tolerances for fit. PLA filament has been commonly used in situations that require prototypes, educational and architectural models, and artifact replicas built with ease an..
R1,145.00 (inc VAT)
Wiring Board
Created in collaboration with Hernando Barragan, the Wiring Board is an electronics I/O board that has been designed around the open-source development environment called Wiring, which has been built upon the Processing/Wiring programming language. Wiring explores the electronic arts, tangible media, computer programming, and prototyping with electronics. It illustrates the concept of programming with electronics and the physical realm of hardware control which are necessary to explore physical interaction design and tangible media aspects. In addition to 54 I/O lines, 8 Analog Inputs, 6 PWM..
R1,093.00 (inc VAT)
MIDI Connector - Female Right Angle
Looking to add MIDI to your project? This is a female, 5-pin, right-angle DIN 5/180? connector which will interface with most standard MIDI cables. The pins are spaced by just about 0.1", making these connectors easy to prototype with. The contacts are rated to 2A @100VAC and 1A @ 24VDC. Keep an eye out for upcoming MIDI-based products using these connectors! Documents: Datasheet ..
R26.50 (inc VAT)
Speaker Terminal - 4 Spring
You may recognize these as the connectors that are commonly used for home stereo speakers. They happen to make good spring terminals for most applications! There are 4 separate terminals in all with two mounting holes for panel mounting...
R9.50 (inc VAT)

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