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SparkFun MP3 Player Shield

The SparkFun MP3 Player Shield is an awesome MP3 decoder with the capabilities of storing music file..

R414.75 R592.50 Exc VAT: R360.65

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SparkFun XBee Shield

XBee radios are an awesome way to add wireless capability to your Arduino project and now it’s even ..

R186.55 R266.50 Exc VAT: R162.22


The 1Sheeld+ is an easily configured shield for Arduino. It has a built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE..

R887.50 Exc VAT: R771.74

Arduino Display Module - 3.2" Touchscreen LCD

Most widgets could benefit from a shiny touchscreen interface. Unfortunately, it’s usually not easy ..

R2,074.50 Exc VAT: R1,803.91

CAN-BUS Shield

The CAN-BUS Shield provides your Arduino or Redboard with CAN-BUS capabilities and allows you to hac..

R444.50 Exc VAT: R386.52

EasyVR Shield 3.0 - Voice Recognition Shield

Do you make time to talk to your Arduino? Maybe you should! The EasyVR Shield 3.0 is a voice recogni..

R1,185.50 Exc VAT: R1,030.87

Mux Shield II

Sometimes you’ve got way too many inputs, or outputs… or both. How are you going to get them all con..

R622.50 Exc VAT: R541.30

Pioneer IoT Add-On Shield

The Pioneer IoT Add-On Shield is a unique board designed to add more functionality to the PSoC 6 fro..

R326.00 Exc VAT: R283.48


The ScrewShield extends all pins of the Arduino out to 3.5mm pitch screw terminals. It also has a lo..

R266.50 Exc VAT: R231.74

Relay Shield v2.0

This Relay Shield v2.0 from Evil Mad Scientist is a simple Arduino add-on that gives your Arduino th..

R296.50 Exc VAT: R257.83

SparkFun Arduino ProtoShield - Bare PCB

The SparkFun Arduino ProtoShield is a bare PCB with no attached or included parts that lets you cust..

R89.00 Exc VAT: R77.39

SparkFun Ardumoto - Motor Driver Shield

The Ardumoto Shield is a dual-motor controller for Arduino. Based on the L298 H-bridge, the SparkFun..

R444.50 Exc VAT: R386.52

SparkFun Ardumoto Shield Kit

Robots are fun, and Arduinos are easy. So wouldn’t it be nice if there were a kit that included ever..

R533.50 Exc VAT: R463.91

SparkFun GPS Logger Shield

The SparkFun GPS Logger Shield equips your Arduino with access to a GPS module, µSD memory card sock..

R889.00 Exc VAT: R773.04

SparkFun Joystick Shield Kit

The SparkFun Joystick Shield Kit contains all the parts you need to enable your Arduino with a joyst..

R237.00 Exc VAT: R206.09

SparkFun microSD Shield

Running out of memory space in your Arduino project? The SparkFun microSD Shield equips your Arduino..

R266.50 Exc VAT: R231.74

SparkFun MiniGen - Pro Mini Signal Generator Shield

This is the SparkFun MiniGen Signal Generator, a small shield for the Arduino Pro Mini that is capab..

R533.50 Exc VAT: R463.91

SparkFun Power Driver Shield Kit

This shield allows you to use a computer power supply (or other power source) to use your Arduino to..

R385.00 Exc VAT: R334.78

SparkFun ProtoShield Kit

The SparkFun ProtoShield Kit lets you customize your own Arduino shield using whatever circuit you c..

R178.00 Exc VAT: R154.78

SparkFun PWM Shield

This is the Arduino shield version of our TLC5940 Breakout. The SparkFun PWM Shield will allow you t..

R355.50 Exc VAT: R309.13

SparkFun RFID Evaluation Shield - 13.56MHz

This board is an evaluation platform for the SM130 RFID module. It includes an XBee header, PCB trac..

R355.50 Exc VAT: R309.13

SparkFun Vernier Interface Shield

This is the SparkFun Vernier Interface Shield, a simple add-on to give your Arduino the capability t..

R444.50 Exc VAT: R386.52

SparkFun Weather Shield

The SparkFun Weather Shield is an easy-to-use Arduino shield that grants you access to barometric pr..

R741.00 Exc VAT: R644.35

SparkFun Wireless Motor Driver Shield

The SparkFun Wireless Motor Driver Shield is designed to make connecting motors, sensors and other c..

R444.50 Exc VAT: R386.52

Helium Arduino/mbed Adapter

Helium adapters make it simple to physically connect the Atom Prototyping Module to popular embedded..

R586.50 Exc VAT: R510.00

Helium Ethernet Starter Kit (Arduino)

The Helium Ethernet Starter Kit for Arduino includes everything needed to easily give your embedded ..

R2,665.50 Exc VAT: R2,317.83

LCD Button Shield V2

Do you need an easy to use interface for your LCD screen? The LCD Button Shield V2 attaches to your ..

R318.50 Exc VAT: R276.96

SparkFun Electric Imp Shield

If you aren’t familiar with the Electric Imp, it essentially provides an easy, integrated way to con..

R295.00 Exc VAT: R256.52

SparkFun Joystick Shield - Bare PCB

The Joystick Shield sits on top of your Arduino and turns it into a simple controller. Five momentar..

R87.50 Exc VAT: R76.09

SparkFun LiPower Shield

Is there anything an Arduino can’t do? Well, for one, most of them can’t be powered directly from a ..

R592.50 Exc VAT: R515.22

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