6" Digital Calipers

Digital calipers are an absolute essential. Here at SparkFun we use them all the time. These premium..

R246.50 Exc VAT: R214.35

Resistor Lead Bending Tool

This little piece of notched plastic is a Resistor Lead Bending Tool. Sometimes referred to as a “fo..

R90.50 Exc VAT: R78.70

Solder Vacuum

The Solder Vacuum, a great (and sometimes under appreciated) little tool for solder rework. It allow..

R82.00 Exc VAT: R71.30

SparkFun S.H.O.V.E.L.

Introducing the Semi-Horned Oblong Versatile Eating Ladle, or as we like to call it, the S.H.O.V.E.L..

R185.00 Exc VAT: R160.87

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