LulzBot Mini 3D Printer
The LulzBot Mini is an easy-to-use, small form factor 3D printer that is more than capable of producing almost any object you can think up. Though tiny, this 3D printer is mighty! The LulzBot Mini provides you with the same wide range of features of the Taz 4 and facilitates the consistent, higher quality prints that you know and expect. The LulzBot Mini features a self-balancing 152mm x 152mm x 158mm (6in x 6in x 6.2in) print area with a controllable heat bed that can print small to medium sized items. What can you print with? LulzBot users have many filaments options beyond common plastics ..
R33,329.00 (inc VAT)
TAZ 6 3D Printer
The LulzBot® TAZ 6 is the most reliable, easiest-to-use desktop 3D printer ever, featuring innovative self-leveling and self-cleaning, and a modular tool head design for flexible and multimaterial upgrades. This 3D printer is able to facilitate more consistent, higher-quality prints than ever. The TAZ 6 features tetherless printing through an SD card with a versatile, multifunctional graphic LCD controller and an internal power supply. It boasts a spacious 11.02 in x 11.02 in x 9.8 in print area with a controllable heat bed that can print large items, or many small items. What can you print ..
R66,656.50 (inc VAT)

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