Antenna GPS Embedded SMA
Embedded antenna for small, mobile applications. Basic unpackaged antenna with LNA. 5inch cable terminated with standard male SMA connector. Match it with any SMA interface cable to create a truly small GPS prototype! This unit works very well out of the box, but the fully packaged antennas have better strain relief where the SMA cable meets the antenna housing. If you plan on using this antenna in a vibration intensive application, we recommend you reinforce the connection with epoxy or Shoe Goo. Check out our GPS buying guide! Features: Gain 26dB VSWR ..
R221.05 (exc VAT)
Interface Cable MMCX to SMA
SMA to MMCX Connector. Adapts MMCX jack to a standard SMA bulkhead. This cable interfaces to the GM862 Cellular modules and the PG31 GPS module. Length: 6" (6.7" including the MMCX and SMA connectors)..
R91.23 (exc VAT)
Interface Cable SMA to Lassen IQ Hirose HFL
Connector cable for the Lassen iQ. Hirose HFL (female) connector to SMA (female) bulkhead connector. This cable is not compatible with the UFL connector on the UV40. Trimble Part # : 49894-05 Dimensions: 4" cable..
R103.95 (exc VAT)
SparkFun Photon IMU Shield
This is the SparkFun Photon IMU Shield, a versatile motion-sensing add-on board for your Photon device. Each IMU shield is equipped with an on-board LSM9DS1 system-in-a-chip that houses a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer. That’s right, 9 degrees of freedom (9DOF) from a single IC! Each sensor in the LSM9DS1 supports a large variety of ranges: the accelerometer’s scale can be set to ± 2, 4, 6, 8, or 16 g, the gyroscope supports ± 245, 500, and 2000 °/s, and the magnetometer has full-scale ranges of ± 2, 4, 8, or 12 gauss. The SparkFun Photon IMU Shield comes with..
R389.91 (exc VAT)
SparkFun Photon Micro OLED Shield
The SparkFun Photon Micro OLED Shield breaks out a small monochrome, blue-on-black OLED to use with your Photon module. It’s “micro”, but it still packs a punch – the OLED display is crisp, and you can fit a deceivingly large amount of graphics on there. This shield is perfect for adding graphics to your Photon, displaying diagnostic information without resorting to serial output, and teaching a little game theory. Speaking of, the screen on this breakout is only 64 pixels wide and 48 pixels tall, measuring 0.66" across. In total, the Micro OLED Shield provides access to 16 of the OLED’s pins..
R312.28 (exc VAT)
SparkFun Photon ProtoShield
You can’t have any development board without some sort of prototyping area, the SparkFun Photon ProtoShield takes care of this. This ProtoShield mates easily with your Photon module and provides a small soldering area and separated power and I2C hook-ups. With the SparkFun Photon ProtoShield you have the control over what kind of project you design for your Photon. The Particle Photon is a tiny WiFi development kit for creating connected projects and products. Sporting a 120MHz ARM Cortex M3 and built-in WiFi, the Photon is not only powerful, but easy to use. The small form factor is ideal fo..
R39.04 (exc VAT)
SparkFun Photon RedBoard
The SparkFun Photon RedBoard, to put it simply, is a WiFi/Microcontroller development board in the Arduino form-factor for the Photon. It’s easy to use, it’s powerful, and it’s connected to the cloud. With the best support, potential, and performance the Photon RedBoard provides you with an IoT device with a powerful 120MHz ARM Cortex M3 and built-in WiFi connectivity. Imagine blowing up a Photon into the shape of an Arduino and while keeping its wireless and ARM Cortex M3 capabilities, the result is this board! The SparkFun Photon RedBoard has been based around the P1 Particle Module. Each P..
R650.00 (exc VAT)
Antenna GPS 3V Magnetic Mount MCX
Magnet mount antenna for GPS modules operating at 3V. Designed for used with automobiles - the magnet will hold the antenna in place at speeds greater than 100mph. 5meter cable terminated with MCX connector. Check out our GPS buying guide! Features: Gain 26dB VSWR ..
R207.89 (exc VAT)
Antenna GPS Chip-Scale
That is a GPS chip antenna. Itty-bitty! And we were just as surprised when it picked up just as many satellites as the larger ceramic antennas. The PDOP and VDOP (dilution of precision) of these chip antennas are greater than their ceramic siblings and the gain is not as great (to be expected), but heck, if you can get a lock with this little guy, who cares? Note: This is just a GPS antenna and is not a complete GPS module. For a complete module, check out our GPS category. Check out our GPS buying guide! Features: Central Frequency - 1575MHz Gain (Typical) - 2.5dBi Return Loss (db) - -..
R13.16 (exc VAT)
GeoHelix GPS Antenna
The GeoHelix antenna from Sarentel is a one of those really odd looking antennas. Block ceramic antennas have good gain, but really have to be facing up towards the sky to get a good signal. Helical antennas (and Sarantel seems to have the world wide patent on them) have slightly lower gain, but can get a signal in many more orientations - more like real world usage. Use this antenna if you’re not sure how the GPS unit will be oriented toward the sky. Based on the patented GeoHelix technology, the SL1204 integrates a high performance, optimized gain, low-noise amplifier with Sarantel’s secon..
R467.98 (exc VAT)
SparkFun Photon Wearable Shield
The SparkFun Photon Wearable Shield makes it easy to add the WiFi enabled Photon to any wearables project. Each pin on the Photon is broken out into large sewing pins. Use conductive thread to make your next wearables projects. The large pins are also great for using conductive paint to create any project that needs WiFi. There are even optional smaller pins for soldering flexible wires. The SparkFun Photon Wearable Shield comes with the headers already soldered on, so you can plug and play! The Particle Photon is a tiny WiFi development kit for creating connected projects and products. Sport..
R78.07 (exc VAT)
Antenna GPS 3V Magnetic Mount SMA
Magnet mount antenna for GPS modules operating at 3V. Designed for use with automobiles - the magnet will hold the antenna in place at speeds greater than 100mph. 5 meter cable terminated with standard male SMA connector. Check out our GPS buying guide! Features: Gain: 27 dB typ @2.7V(+25°C) VSWR: 2.0 dB max Voltage: 2.7V~5V Current: 8 mA typical@2.7V Weight: 118g Documents: Datasheet..
R207.89 (exc VAT)
SparkFun Photon Battery Shield
The SparkFun Photon Battery Shield provides you with an easy way to power your Photon module with a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery. Not only can the Battery Shield power your Photon, but you will also be able to charge a LiPo battery through it. The board comes with a JST connector for your single-cell LiPo battery and utilizes the Photon’s on-board micro-USB connector for the charge input. This battery shield uses a MCP73831 for LiPo charging and a MAX1704X for fuel gauging. This is a very simple shield for your Photon to provide it basic and on-the-go power wherever and whenever you might n..
R207.89 (exc VAT)
SparkFun Photon Weather Shield
The SparkFun Photon Weather Shield is an easy to use add-on board that grants you access to barometric pressure, relative humidity, and temperature. There are also connections on this shield to optional sensors such as wind speed, direction, rain gauge and soil readings! These Weather Shields utilize the HTU21D humidity and MPL3115A2 barometric pressure sensors. Each shield comes with two RJ11 connectors (for optional hook up of rain and wind sensors) and a 3-pin soil temperature and moisture hookups. Finally, each Weather Shield can attach effectively and easily to your Photon in no time at ..
R389.04 (exc VAT)

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