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Thermal Gap Filler

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This Thermal Gap Filler provides 1.1W/mK of thermal conductivity that can conform to most surfaces. It’s perfect for high-value products that you need to keep cool, as it is a poor conductor of electricity while remaining a great conductor of heat! No additional adhesive is required when applying the Thermal Gap Filler, as it is naturally tacky and sticks to whatever you need it to — just be sure that’s where you need it!

This gap filler is what we use on our Stepoko motion controller as well as what we recommend to use with our ESP32 Thing Power Control Shield, as it is both electrically insulating and stable from -40°C to 160°C while meeting a UL 94 VO rating.


  • Soft and compressible for low-stress applications
  • Naturally tacky, needing no further adhesive coating
  • 1.1 W/mK thermal conductivity
  • Comes in 9"x9" sheets


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