SSD1963 - LCD Display Driver


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Description: Solomon Systech’s SSD1960/61/62/63 Display Controllers are ideal for portable and handheld applications that require a high-resolution display.

These controllers contain an embedded SRAM which serves as a frame buffer between the host processor and the LCD panel. The chips support 8/9/16/18-bit indirect CPU interface and 18/24-bit RGB LCD interface. The feature set includes hardware display rotation (0°, 90°, 180° and 270°), mirroring and windowing, and display enhancement such as brightness, contrast and saturation control.

Power consumption is one of the biggest challenges in designing electronic equipment, especially for battery-operated devices. As the LCD display increases in size and resolution, the backlight becomes the most power consuming part in the system. The SSD1960/61/62/63 controllers feature the Solomon Systech's Dynamic Backlight Control (DBC) technology which brings added value to portable device manufacturers without sacrificing the display quality of the end products.


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