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SparkFun Parts Box - LilyPad (Magnetic)

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When you're working with e-textiles, you have a tendency to collect a lot of small parts: LilyPad boards, bobbins, needles, the tools of the trade. Why not pick up a sturdy little box to keep your bits and pieces off the floor? This LilyPad branded box is made from rigid cardboard printed with a fancy tone-on-tone pattern and LilyPad logo. There are even magnetic closures embedded in the lid.

We like this box because it's rigid enough to throw in a sewing bag and it also looks good on a workbench. With an inside dimension of deep, it's big enough for batteries, fabric swatches and whatever small parts you have floating around. It also makes a great gift box if you're thinking about getting someone the gift of LilyPad!


  • 9" x 4" and 1.5"


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