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Lithium Ion Battery - 110mAh

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This is a very small, extremely light weight battery based on Lithium Ion chemistry. This is the highest energy density currently in production. Each cells outputs a nominal 3.7V at 110mAh! Comes terminated with a standard 2-pin JST-PH connector - 2mm spacing between pins. These batteries require special charging so please do not attempt to charge these with anything but a specialized Lithium Polymer charger.

Each battery includes a built-in protection against over voltage, over current, and minimum voltage. Please use caution when using this battery in wearable projects. When using conductive thread, a short in the thread can create sparks and heat. We recommend using coin cell batteries for beginners.

Note: This battery is not available to ship to Alaska or Hawaii, or through any express services (2-day, overnight), or internationally. This is temporary! Check out our blog post for more information. Additionally orders may take longer to process and therefore do not qualify for same-day shipping. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

Note: This item is non-returnable. If this item arrives damaged or is not functioning properly, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if further actions may be taken.


  • Rated Capacity: 110mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.70V
  • Max Charge Current: 1C (110mA)
  • Normal Charge Current: 0.2C (22mA)


  • Datasheet
  • [MSDS](http://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Prototyping/MSDS 401525.pdf)

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