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Odev Geo Robot Kit

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The Odev Geo is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) educational DIY robot kit that teaches young people the value of alternative energy sources and the science behind them. With this easy-to-assemble kit, kids learn how to use solar and salt water to power up the Odev Geo and see the robot zip away from their fingertips. It's a great family or class project and puzzle all in one!

This beginner robotics kit is powered by renewable energy, a safer and nontoxic power source. No screws or tools are needed to build the Odev Geo. Kids can easily build the robot car in minutes using the clearly labeled parts and detailed instructions. Educational fun facts are included in the instruction manual.

This kit is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Note: The saltwater-powered configuration will leave magnesium oxide residue on the metal plates and the absorbent paper. While the magnesium oxide is safe to handle, please keep it away from eyes and mouths. If it gets in the eye, please use cold water to wash thoroughly. If it is swallowed accidentally, seek medical advice immediately.


  • 1x Back wheels (with gear)
  • 1x Front wheels
  • 1x Chassis
  • 1x Motor
  • 1x Back cover
  • 2x Arm
  • 1x Neck
  • 1x Head
  • 1x Connection bar
  • 1x Support case
  • 1x Solar panel
  • 1x Solar panel cover frame
  • 2x Copper plate (yellow)
  • 2x Battery case
  • 1x Activated carbon
  • 1x Spoon
  • 1x Absorbent paper
  • 1x Magnesium plate (silver color)
  • 1x Chemical reaction box
  • 1x Wire plates
  • 1x Measuring cup
  • 1x Dropper
  • 1x Zipper bag (for activated carbon)


  • Assembled Size: 80mm x 56mm x 58mm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Two power options:
    • Solar Power
    • Saltwater Power
  • STEM Objectives: Assemble, Build, Engineering, Alternative Energy
  • Recommended Ages: 8+



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