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Coin Acceptor Controller Board

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Coin acceptor's normally function by giving out a number of pulses for each type of coin that is inserted. If you however want to use the coin acceptor to control for example your squash court lights, public toilet door or arcade machine, you will need a controller board to convert the pulses into a timed output signal.

This coin acceptor controller does just that. It is programmed via a USB interface that allows you to specify the amount to accept and then the time duration the output should switch on. For example, you can program it to accept R7.00 and then switch on the squash court lights for 30 minutes. Or accept R2.00 and then open up the turnstile gate to the public toilet.

The on board relay can switch a load up to 250VAC 3A or you can use an external contractor for bigger loads

It can be powered from 9 to 15Vdc

Settings application can be downloaded from this link

Coin Settings Application [DOWNLOAD]

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