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Pixhawk 4 Mini Flight Controller

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The Pixhawk 4 Mini is an advanced (and as the name implies), miniaturized development kit for the PX4 autopilot. The flight controller has been designed and developed in collaboration with Holybro and Auterion, optimized to run PX4. It comes preinstalled with the latest PX4 firmware and features advanced processor technology from STMicroelectronics, sensor technology from Bosch, InvenSense, and a NuttX real-time operating system, delivering incredible performance, flexibility, and reliability for controlling any autonomous vehicle.

The Pixhawk 4 Mini is designed for engineers and hobbyists who are looking to tap into the power of Pixhawk 4 but are working with smaller drones. The Mini also takes the FMU processor and memory resources from the Pixhawk 4 while eliminating interfaces that are normally unused. This allows the flight controller to be small enough to fit in a 250mm racer drone!

The Pixhawk 4 Mini's microcontroller has a 2MB flash memory and 512KB RAM. With the increased power and RAM resources, developers can be more productive and efficient with their development work. More complex algorithms and models can be implemented on the autopilot. The high-performance, low-noise IMUs on board are designed for stabilization applications. Data-ready signals from all sensors are routed to separate interrupt and timer capture pins on the autopilot, permitting precise time-stamping of sensor data. Newly designed vibration isolations enables more accurate readings, allowing vehicles to reach better overall flight performances.


  • 1x Pixhawk 4 Mini
  • 1x Pixhawk 4 GPS Module
  • 1x PM06 V2 Power Management Board
  • 1x 1x I2C splitter board
  • 1x 6 to 6 pin cable (power)
  • 1x 4 to 4 pin cable (CAN)
  • 1x 6 to 4 pin cable (data)
  • 1x 6 to 4 pin and 4 pin "Y" cable
  • 1x 6 to 6 pin cable (debug)
  • 1x PPM/SBUS out cable
  • 1x XSR receiver cable
  • 1x DSMX receiver cable
  • 1x SBUS receiver cable
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x "X" type folding pedestal mount
  • 2x 70mm & 140mm carbon rod stand off
  • 1x Pixhawk 4 Mini Quick Start Guide


  • Main FMU Processor: STM32F765 (32 Bit Arm® Cortex®-M7, 216MHz, 2MB memory, 512KB RAM)
  • Connectivity options for additional peripherals (UART, I2C, CAN)
  • New sensors with higher temperature stability
  • Multicolor LED indicator
  • microSD card for long-time high-rate logging
  • 8 PWM servo outputs
  • Increased ease-of-use: pre-installed with most recent PX4 (v1.8)



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