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Poke Home Connector - 2-Pin

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Poke Home Connectors have been featured on a number of our boards over the last few years by providing a simple screw-terminal-type connector for easy wire connection purposes. Similar to screw terminals, Poke Home Connectors grasp a wire entered into the receiving area of the pin-out by pressing down on the small plastic strip at the end of the housing. Doing so raises the internal clamp and, upon release of the button secures the wire in place without any soldering required.

Poke Home Connectors work better in environments with a lot of vibrations (i.e. automotive applications) or when a wire is expanding or contracting due to temperature cycling. Additionally, the tension in the connector is automatically adjusted to the wire gauge (assuming it is within the accepted wire thickness) as opposed to variances in tension when a user tightens the screw terminal.


  • (1) two terminal connector