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Single Pair Ethernet Cable - 0.5m (Shielded)

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HARTING T1 Industrial Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) Products feature a highly optimized, high-frequency design, shielding, and high mechanical robustness, making them an ideal choice to fulfill industrial SPE demands. This 0.5m long Single Pair Ethernet Cable enables Ethernet data transmissions by using only two wires (TW1STER) and the simultaneous power supply for terminals via a Power over Data Line (PoDL). SPE offers barrier-free connections for equipment, sensors/actuator technology, and more by using end-to-end, IP-based communications up into the field level. This makes the field-level smart and simplifies the parameter setting, initialization, and programming. The set-up, operation, and maintenance of equipment become more efficient and more cost-effective. The complete wiring is simpler and also considerably faster to install.


  • Type: Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)
  • Connector End A: SPE
  • Connector End A Pin Count: 2 Position
  • Connector End B: SPE
  • Connector End B Pin Count: 2 Position
  • Gender: Male / Male
  • Cable Length: 500 mm (1.64')
  • Jacket Color: Yellow
  • Wire Gauge - AWG: 26 AWG
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Voltage Rating: 60 VDC
  • Brand: HARTING
  • Current Rating: 4 A
  • Housing Material: Polyurethane (PUR)