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U.FL Removal Tool

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More and more of our products use U.FL connectors, so we wrote a tutorial on "Three Quick Tips About Using U.FL. However, even when following all the best practices outlined in the tutorial, we managed to rip more than a few connectors apart and it's always a disaster! Are you having issues disconnecting your U.FL connectors from each other? Well now you can ease the disconnection process with this handy little extraction tool. We have started to use this in our internal testing and we think you will like it too!

Specifically, this jig is for withdrawing U.FL-LP-040 and U.FL-LP-066 connectors from a seated position. The L-shaped bending portion of the jig is hooked on the connector cap to provide stable pressure & minimize the risk of damaging the U.FL SMD connector on your board.

Note: This product does not include the U.FL cable or NEO-M8U breakout board's U.FL mating connector. The U.FL cables and connectors on breakout boards will need to be purchased separately.