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SparkFun LoRaSerial Kit - 915MHz

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LoRaSerial is a pair of serial radio modems that simply passes serial back and forth. Do you have a system that needs to report data every few seconds? Is it located beyond WiFi or Bluetooth® range? Do you need 9 mile/15 kilometer range? LoRaSerial transmits data over LoRa giving it incredible range compared to other methods. We’ve regularly transmitted over 9 miles/15km line-of-sight using two LoRaSerial radios, right out of the box.

LoRaSerial utilizes a 1 watt 915MHz transceiver and an open source protocol to and transmit AES encrypted data at 4800bps or approximately 480 bytes per second. Video streaming, this is not. LoRaSerial is very good at getting whatever data you need from point A to point B, encrypted, without configuration. The radios automatically frequency hop (FHSS) between channels to avoid collisions. The ‘airspeed’ or data rate is configurable up to approximately 3,000 bytes per second for shorter range, or for extremely long range transmissions, as low as 4 bytes per second. LoRaSerial radios support simple point to point and point as well as multipoint broadcasts. Multipoint broadcasting makes it ideal for GNSS RTK and many other scenarios where one device needs to produce data and many devices need to consume that data.

The LoRaSerial firmware supports an innovative and simple to use ‘training’ method. Pressing the train button on both radios will generate a new random network ID and AES encryption key and share them between radios. This makes pairing radios in the field as simple as a button press. WiFi WPS this is not. Bring the radios near each other and the LoRaSerial training method is simple and secure.

Serial can be interfaced over TTL serial (cables included) or over a USB C connection. This allows serial transmission from desktop computers, single board computers, embedded systems, etc.

Currently SparkFun is offering radios utilizing 915MHz modems that are allowed in most parts of the world. Please check your local restrictions. The radios are fully configurable to restrict frequencies, channels, dwell time, power output, and a variety of other settings to make the radios compatible with your local regulations.

Note: LoRaSerial is designed to operate at the physical layer of LoRa sending data directly to an end point as opposed to something like LoRaWAN that operates on the data and network layers. For this reason LoRaSerial is not intended to operate on LoRaWAN.

Please be aware: This product is currently in the beta phase and is discounted accordingly. This version is recommended for users who are willing and able to provide feedback and update the firmware as new features are made available. The radios work but may not be ideal for all applications yet.



  • 1 Watt (30dBm) power output
  • 915MHz unlicensed band radio with 902-928MHz configurable output
  • 256 bit AES GCM encryption
  • Simple AT command set
  • Built-in Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology
  • Configurable air speeds from 40 bps (4 bytes per second) to 40kbps (4,000 bytes per second)
  • Configurable standard serial data rates from 2400 to 115200bps
  • 4-LED RSSI Indicator
  • 3.3 to 5V operation
  • USB C connection available for industrial systems and single board computers (SBCs like Raspberry Pi)
  • 6-pin JST connector available for embedded systems (5V and 3.3V tolerant I/O) with flow control