1nce Global IoT SIM

R440 ex VAT

Global IoT Sim with support for South-African networks

  • 2G, 4G and NB-IoT network support
  • 250 SMSes included
  • 500MB over a period of 10 Years
  • Static IP's
  • On demand sim management
  • Roaming: Vodacom & MTN

Terms and Conditions

Please note that while we distribute 1NCE and Justworx SIM cards for use with our hardware, we do not directly provide the connectivity services. The actual IoT connectivity service is provided by 1NCE and Justworx.

By purchasing and using these SIM cards, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • Service Provider Agreement: The service agreement for IoT connectivity is directly between you (the client) and either 1NCE or Justworx, depending on your choice of SIM card. The terms and conditions of the respective service provider will govern the provision of the service.
  • No Guarantee of Service: As a distributor, we cannot guarantee the performance, reliability, or availability of the connectivity service provided by 1NCE or Justworx. Any issues, disruptions, or concerns related to the connectivity service should be addressed directly with the respective service provider.
  • Terms and Conditions: Please review the terms and conditions of 1NCE and Justworx carefully to understand your rights and obligations under their service agreements. Links to their terms and conditions are provided below:

For support and inquiries related to the SIM card services, please contact 1NCE or Justworx customer support directly. We are here to assist with any questions related to the integration and use of these SIM cards with our hardware.